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Below you will see we offer a wide range of programs and services to meet the needs of those less fortunate.

We help them and their families by providing programs, information and resources to assist in their journey. We also help by raising awareness through public outreach and media.

GLobal Give back 9/22

In the spirit of Tim's humanity and kindness, we honor him on his birthday September 22nd by encouraging other to do something good on this day — or any day!

Donate to Charity | Compliment Someone | Carry Someone's Books | Volunteer | Buy Someone's Coffee | Share Your Lunch

or your own idea of sharing compassion!

Go out of your way to make someone feel special for no reason at all. Be mindful and thoughtful expecting nothing in return 


Tim's Dawg House

The conditions in the slums of Arusha, Tanzania are just short of unbearable. That is why we strive to make sure children do not have to return to volatile conditions. We built separate housing for the children to stay in with full time care from matrons. They now have access to water, a shower, medicine, and protection from unsanitary conditions and diseases.


The School of Tim Harrington

In attempts to continue Tim's passion, there is a school in his honor in Arusha, Tanzania. Here underprivileged and abandoned children have the ability to get a quality education. 


eco Stoves

Our Eco-stove program trains villagers on the use of eco-stoves, the briquette making process (as shown above) and provides the materials needed to get started. To date, Just One Humanity's eco-stove program has been implemented in 6 villages in Salima, Malawi helping more than 130 families and saving countless trees from being cut down.


Livestock Management

We provide hens to families in need. Eggs provide a great amount of protein and nutritional value for the families. Because we care greatly for the hens we distribute, the families must first attend our training class. Our program does not allow for the hens to be killed for meat. We believe the hens will provide more for families by laying eggs in the long term rather than killing them for one meal. in 2017 we will be expanding into a total of 12 villages in Salima, Malawi. Over 14,000 Malawians will benefit from this program by the end of the year. 


Women Empowerment

With gender disparities still prevalent, lack of opportunity for women is a major issue. We focus on women empowerment in everything we do. With access to education and resources, women can provide for their families. The tailoring program selects 3 women from each village to participate in a 3 month training program. They then pass the knowledge along to other women in their villages. This provides women with the opportunity to make an income and promote entrepreneurship. 


Building washing stations. This is our first one completed in Mbalame for the Mbalame orphanage and community, which includes an outhouse and sink

The work Tim accomplished continues to inspire our new projects related to his passions


Projects Tim worked on:

  • Finishing the teachers office at Gunge primary school
  • Provided textbooks to 4 schools
  • Started a garden for the villagers in Gunge
  • Water project at Gunge primary school
  • Purchased reliable sport equipment for 4 schools
  • Funded meals in the first ever Gunge teachers recess
  • Personal gifts such as phones, iPads, and laptops
  • Aided in emergencies in the villages
  • Love to animals and disabled children
  • Helped with planning, budgeting and measurement
  • Donated to orphanages and other institutions